Our Facilities

E.Wine Cellaring is a dedicated wine storage facility designed by wine passionate people utilising state of the art technology to ensure the best possible conditions for controlled maturation of quality wines. Wines are cellared under ideal conditions with our temperature at 14.2 -14.4 degrees centigrade and humidity at 65-75%. Climate control conditions and access (infra red cameras) are monitored 24 hours. Twin compressors, humidifier, air circulation fans and backup generator provision ensure a constant temperature.

There are many sad stories of wine collections ruined by temperature fluctuations, cellars flooding and theft. Some wines are irreplaceable despite being insured. You can also be easily tempted at home to open that special bottle too early. Storage with us helps alleviate those problems.

There is no limit to cellaring requests, be they for 1 bottle to 100+ cases of wine. E.Wine is committed to creating a personal care service and ensuring the best environment for maturation of your valuable wine collection.

If you would like to have a look at the facility please contact Paul on 0407 656 464 to arrange a suitable time. 

Where to find us
We would welcome inspection of our state of the art premises at Ashmore, on the Gold Coast, to discuss your requirements. Refer to the Contact section of our web site for details and location map

Our facility is monitored by cameras and a security service 24 hours/7 days a week. Access to the cellar is only allowed with the Manager being present

Your Inventory
You can view your inventory at any time from the web site - just “log on” with your own password. Inventory listing includes brand, type, vintage, purchase price (if provided by client), estimated maturity dates..

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